Aged Care Cleaning Products

Aged Care Cleaning Supplies for the Australian market

TRUGRADE offers a range of multi-purpose cleaning cloths including antibacterial, lint free, microfiber and commercial cleaning wipes suited to a variety of practices in aged care facilities and nursing homes.
Soft, lint free, non-abrasive and highly absorbent cloths, colour coded to prevent cross contamination resulting in a cleaner, safer environment for the patients.
Uses include hygienic patient wipes (e.g. disposable flannel /face cloth) and commercial cleaning for facility/janitorial/ kitchen etc.

FAQ About Aged Care Cleaning Products

There seems to be an attitude that everyone knows “how to clean” so cleaning staff just need to be told what areas to clean and how long they have to clean it and just let them get on with it. Aged care cleaning is not that simple. There are incontinence and spill issues and the ongoing concern of cross contamination. There are different requirements for instance for hostel and specific areas such as dementia. It is similar to hospital cleaning but the residents are often in attendance and like the company of a non-authoritarian friendly person. New cleaning problems are constantly arising.Cleaning staff are often forgotten with training and updated methods are often overlooked. As medical treatment advances so must the cleaning requirements. When hours get a bit tight cleaning seems to suffer but with regular training and updated systems and equipment tasks can actually be performed quicker.
The number one aged care cleaning product of concern would be that vacuum cleaners have been identified as a prime source for spreading infection. They work by exhausting air through a collection method, for example a dust bag, and any infection causing bacteria that has been picked up can be quickly spread. Infrequently changing janitorial items such as wipers, mops and cleaning solution and not having a stringently adhered colour coding policy in place can also spread infection. The use of ineffective chemicals not suitable for removing biofilms can allow bacteria to spread.