Aviation Cleaning Supplies

Aviation/Aircraft Detailing and Cleaning Products

TRUGRADE offers a range of multi-purpose aircraft cleaning cloths that are tailor-made for aeroplane maintenance, fleet preparation, hygiene and general interior cleaning.
Low lint, absorbent, durable wipes, with superior strength and colour coded to prevent cross-contamination.
Uses include general maintenance, hygiene, and cleanliness of aeroplanes.

FAQ About Aviation Cleaning Supplies

There are certain products and chemicals you should always avoid when doing aviation cleaning. The main cleaning chemicals you should never use are: • Ammonia based window cleaners • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) • Chlorine bleach • Dish Soaps • Wood care products
Interior Cleaning includes the vacuuming of carpets and seats, spot cleaning of stains in carpeting, seats and headliner; also cleaning the cockpit displays and gauges, interior windows, wall panels, countertops, lavatory seat and deck, entranceway steps and handrails and emptying the rubbish.
Sanitizing Wipes: Wet wipes, in any quantity, can be carried on. This includes baby wipes! Disinfectant sprays: You are allowed to have sprays in your carry-on bag as long as they do not exceed 100ml. Pack larger sizes in your checked luggage.