Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Wholesale Commercial Cleaning Products and Supplies in Australia

TRUGRADE produce commercial cleaning supplies,  cleaning cloths and heavy duty wipes suitable for cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of commercial facilities.

Truwipes, Raytex, Trumicro, Trulolint, Trurags and Suparags are efficient commercial cleaning options for a variety of tasks and particularly good with grease and oil.
Hygienic, durable, water and oil absorbent, low lint cloths are cleaning supplies that are cost effective solutions to benefit commercial cleaning facilities.

Our range of wholesale commercial cleaning products are available throughout Australia


FAQ About Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Because commercial cleaning chemicals are potent enough to be effective, they have historically been environmentally unfriendly. As environmental standards have tightened, manufacturers are working diligently to design products that are safer and “greener.” Green commercial cleaners must be easily biodegradable, be minimally toxic in water, concentrated with minimal packaging, and made from renewable resources. Consult with a professional cleaning service to ensure that your office is being cleaned with the safest, most effective chemicals and equipment, and those that will cause the least amount of damage to our environment.