Dental Surgery Cleaning Products

Dental Cleaning Supplies and Disinfectants in Australia

TRUGRADE offers a range of multi-purpose cleaning cloths consisting of dental wipes, patient wipes, antibacterial, lint free and microfiber cloths suited to a variety of practices within the dental industry.
Soft, non-woven, medium duty, lint free, highly absorbent cloths, colour coded to prevent cross contamination resulting in a cleaner, safer environment for patients.
Uses include hygienic single aperture dental wipe or as a small instrument wipe. Larger patient wipes, general commercial cleaning cloths, lint free microfibre cloths, disposable flannels and oil impregnated wipes to maintain a dust free environment, reducing allergies.

FAQ About Dental Surgery Cleaning Products

Many liquid disinfectants and sterilants are used alone or in combinations in the healthcare setting. (These include alcohols, chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, ortho-phthalaldeyde, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, peracetic acid, phenolics, and quaternary ammonium compounds. As well these products dental alcohol wipes, similar to Truiso are also used.
It is recommended housekeeping surfaces such as walls and floors should be cleaned and disinfected using a low level disinfectant with detergent on a regular basis, when spills occur, and when these surfaces are visibly soiled.