Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial Cleaners, Wipes & Products For the Australian market

TRUGRADE produces multi-purpose cleaning cloths and wipes suitable for cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of industrial facilities and workshops. Truwipes, Truprep, Trulolint and Recycled Rags are efficient cleaning options for a variety of tasks and particularly good with grease and oil.
Hygienic, durable, water and oil absorbent, low lint cloths create cost effective solutions to benefitĀ  industrial use.
Uses include general maintenance and cleaning or more specific cleaning needs suited to individual businesses requirements.


FAQ About Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial cleaning supplies are very much what the name suggests. They are cleaning supplies, but they are intended for an industrial task. This means they typically come in larger or bulk quantities, there are exception so this may not always be the case. Additionally, industrial cleaning supplies are formulated for more heavy-duty applications, as such they are not normally pre-diluted and will generally be a bit harsher than the products used in the home.
You may wonder why you need even more cleaning supplies when you already have products you like and use at home. This question is understandable, but in most cases your home products will not get the task done when it comes to larger industrial cleaning tasks. The first thing is they will run out fast. Household products are packed for small tasks for use in and about the home. They were never meant to be used to clean an entire factory, store or warehouse. Secondly, your household cleaners will likely not be strong enough to complete the necessary cleaning task. These cleaners were intended to scrub away small stains in your home, bathroom and kitchen, not to combat dirt, mud, salt stains and more. Industrial cleaning supplies on the other hand are built to clean the tougher stains and can deliver the powerful cleaning muscle required