Janitorial Supplies

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TRUGRADE produces multipurpose cleaning cloths suitable for commercial and domestic cleaners to use in all aspects of the Janitorial cleaning industry.
Tough, durable, highly absorbent, economical, antibacterial lint free cloths. Used for various tasks in general janitorial cleaning including toilets, benches, mirrors, floors etc. Colour coded to prevent cross contamination.

FAQ About Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

The basics list should contain: • Cleaning caddy or organiser • Spray bottles • Rubber gloves • Mop and bucket • Broom and dustpan • Dusting mop • Sponges • Microfiber cloths similar to Trumicro • Scrub brushes • Toilet brush • General purpose wipes similar to Truwipes • Dusting cloths similar to Truwipe TWO10 cloths • Vacuum cleaner • Lint rollers • Cleaning check list • Rubbish bags • Paper towels
To pack cleaning and janitorial supplies, you'll need the following materials: • A sturdy box • A plastic bag or garbage bag • Packing tape Here are the steps that you need to follow when packing cleaning supplies: • Line the box with plastic bag: Lay the box on a flat surface and line the inside of it with the garbage bag or plastic bag. The box will provide a flat surface and the bag will help prevent a mess if there are any spills. • Secure the openings and holes of the bottles: When packing cleaning supplies, make sure to secure the openings and holes of the bottles to prevent any leaks during transit. For powdered cleansers and the bottles containing liquid, put a piece of tape over any openings and holes to prevent powder and the liquid from spilling. • Place the cleaning supplies in boxes: Now begin placing the cleaning products in the box and check the weight as you go. You don't want to pack the box too heavy. • Close the plastic bag: Once the cleaning supplies are all in a box (or two), close up the plastic bag around the products to stop any spills from getting out of the box. Note: The plastic will act as a barrier and keep the box dry in turn keeping your other items dry during transit if any spills happen. • Tape and label the box: Close the flaps of the box and seal with tape and you're done! Label the box appropriately so the movers and/or your friends know what's inside and to be careful when loading the truck. Moving companies will usually not pack cleaning supplies due to the risk of such liquids spilling over inside the moving truck and causing damage to the rest of household items. So, when packing cleaning supplies for moving, just make sure they are properly wrapped and in good shape during the move.