Kitchen Cleaning Products

Kitchen Cleaning Wipes & Supplies

TRUGRADE supplies a wide range of multi-purpose kitchen wipes. Cloths consisting of antibacterial, lint-free cloths in roll and sheet format specifically designed for commercial and domestic kitchen use in café’s, pubs, restaurants, catering, food processing and general kitchen cleaning. Our heavy-duty kitchen cleaning products include glass cleaners, paper towels and multi-surface cleaners designed to be efficient for a multitude of purposes. Soft, highly absorbent, HACCP certified, hygienic, lint-free, commercial-grade thickness and quality. Uses include general wiping and cleaning tasks with the Truwipe unique structure formulated to trap particles allowing the wipe to be easily rinsed for reuse. Colour coded to avoid cross-contamination of surfaces.

FAQ About Kitchen Cleaning Products

• Keep your kitchen cleaning supplies where you use them most • Use storage caddies and bins • Hang wipes, cloths and gloves from hooks • Organise kitchen cleaning products on a lazy susan • Maximise space by using small shelves and baskets • Hang brooms and mops
Bleach and ammonia are two common household cleaners that should never be mixed. They react together to form toxic chloramine vapors and may lead to the production of poisonous hydrazine