Mining Site Cleaning Products

TRUGRADE offers a range of tough multi-purpose cleaning cloths which include a variety of cleaning rolls, wipes and pads for mining equipment and heavy-duty tasks in the mining industry. Trusorb, Truroar commonly known as “rag on a roll”, Trulolint and Truprep epic wipes which all aid in the removal of oil, grime and grease and are suitable for the mining and industrial standards. Unique, durable, strong, absorbent cloths efficiently removing surface contaminants and spills. Uses include soaking up oil and separating water with oil-only absorbent pads devised, maintenance and general cleaning of facilities with “rag on a roll”. Lint, solvent and chemical free cloths are also valuable for removing a range of chemicals and residue from surfaces.

FAQ About Mine Site Cleaning Products

Mine site cleaning will normally involve detailed cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of kitchen and toilets, as well as staff rooms, crib rooms, offices and bathhouses. Carrying out this task using quality mine site cleaning supplies, all duties must be undertaken following appropriate cleaning methods, while observing cleaning policies and procedures.
Mine site cleaning products are usually of the heavy-duty type, designed to carry out the heavy cleaning tasks required of them. The most common mine site cleaning supplies, or cloths are: • Single sheet white heavy-duty wipes in a dispenser box similar to Trulolint TLL8076. • Large roll white heavy-duty wipes in a jumbo roll format similar to Trulolint TLL8073. These wipes are suitable for most tasks on a mine site. Other lighter areas where waste rags use to be used will require a product similar to TRURAGS or SUPARAGS, these two products do not contain any of the nasty contaminants normally associated with waste rag.