Office Cleaning Supplies

Wholesale office cleaning products and supplies for the Australian market

At Trugrade your health and safety are our number one priority, that is why we offer a range of office cleaning supplies. The Trugrade range includes, dry wipes, wet wipes and chemicals all designed to provide a high standard in overall cleanliness in the work environment. When you are talking to your office cleaning products supplier insist on Trugrade branded product.

FAQ About Office Cleaning Supplies

To help you deal with cleaning accidents in the office here are five of the best office cleaning supplies: • Keeping a vacuum cleaner handy allows you to remove dirt promptly • Always keep a “Wet Floor” sign handy. • A mop and bucket are essential office cleaning supplies • A good supply of cleaning cloths similar to either Raytex or Truwipes. • A good supply of antibacterial wipes or sprays.
Bathrooms are another area where cleanliness is absolutely non-negotiable. In fact, everyday, you should use your arsenal of office cleaning supplies to do the following: • Wipe down sinks and mirrors • Scrub toilets and toilet bowls • Sweep and mop floors • Remove garbage from every receptacle • Refill paper towels, toilet tissue hand soap etc.