Workshop Cleaning Products

The Best Quality Workshop Cleaners, Degreasers and Floor Cleaners in Australia

TRUGRADE produces multi-purpose cleaning cloths and wipes suitable for cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of workshops. Truwipes, Truprep, Trulolint and Recycled Rags are efficient cleaning options for a variety of tasks and particularly good with grease and oil. Hygienic, durable, water and oil absorbent, low lint cloths create cost effective solutions to benefit the industry. Uses include general maintenance and cleaning of the workshop/facility or more specific cleaning needs suited to individual businesses requirements.

FAQ About Workshop Cleaning Products

Nth Power is a concentrated industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that can be used for heavy cleaning as well as a degreaser. Simply follow the directions and dilute 5:1 (eg 5 Parts water to 1 part Nth Power). This formula is suggested for engine degreasing – warm engine, barbecues when hot, stubborn oven stains as well as road tar from cars.
There are industrial cleaning chemicals and then there is Nth Power, a highly concentrated alkaline liquid and all purpose cleaner. By following directions it can be used for many varied applications, included: • Very light cleaning 80:1 • Light cleaning 40:1 • Normal cleaning 20:1 • Medium cleaning 9:1 • Heavy cleaning 5:1 • Extra heavy cleaning 3:1
For cleaning tools and hands in the workshop when you don’t want to use industrial cleaning chemicals, then you should look for either a heavy-duty paper roll like Truprep TPP22B or Suparags, both ideal options for this task.