Cosmic Range of Cleaning Products

Cosmic  is a unique range of all purpose cleaners that can be applied for an unlimited range of applications. Nth Power is formulated in concentrate form, these products can be diluted to your specific requirements, not only saving you money but allowing one product to be used for a host of applications. The Cosmic range includes a unique product, Red Dirt Buster as the name suggests aids in the removal of red dirt stain. Hand sanitizer & hospital grade disinfectant compliment the range.

FAQ About Nth Power

Our Nth Power “All Purpose Cleaner” is the ideal stain remover for use on a driveway. As Nth Power is a concentrate it is best when mixed either 9:1ratio or for heavy stains 5:1 ratio.
Nth Power is a concentrated industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that can be used for heavy cleaning as well as a degreaser. Simply follow the directions and dilute 5:1 (eg 5 Parts water to 1 part Nth Power). This formula is suggested for Engine degreasing – warm engine, barbecues when hot, stubborn oven stains as well as road tar from cars.