Australia’s Only True Recycled Industrial Cleaning Rag Replacement

Trugrade’s range of white cleaning cloths provide a low cost, hygienic and safe alternative to recycled industrial cleaning rag replacement for use in industrial workplaces. These premium quality multipurpose wipes are extremely absorbent and are ideal for wiping both tools & hands, polishing and dusting. 


FAQ About Trurag

Recycled waste rags have been known to contain many contaminants including, zippers, buttons, pins as well as organic matter. Trurag is 100% new material and does not contain any harmful content, as such it is much safer to use than recycled waste rags.
Unlike recycled waste rags Trurags comes in a fixed size format that ensures all pieces are the same as the next, Trurags comes in two sizes, 60cm x 40cm and 40cm x 30cm. Trurags is packaged in easy to store dispenser cartons making it easier to store and use. One carton of Trurags is equal to about 25kg of recycled waste rag.

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