COSMIC CNP20 | nth power | All Purpose Cleaner | 20Litre

COSMIC CNP20  nth power  All Purpose Cleaner  20Litre

  • Nth Power Concentrated all-purpose cleaner
  • Nth Power is a unique all purpose cleaner that has an unlimited range of applications.
  • Formulated in concentrate form, this product can be diluted to your specific requirements, not only saving you money but allowing one product to be used for a host of applications.
  • Nth Power has been tested and is certified for use in food preparation areas.
  • Economising the cost of cleaning since 1975.
  • Available in antibacterial.
  • For use from very light cleaning on glass, mirrors, stainless steel, floors and jewellery.
  • Light Cleaning on walls, tiles and cabinets
  • Normal cleaning on ovens, stove tops, refrigerators, boats, carpet, outdoor furniture, plastic, vinyl, leather and upholstery
  • Medium cleaning on whitewall tyres, ink, sweat stains, petrol grime, nicotine, shoe polish, tea, coffee, floor wax, windscreens, mildew and shower recesses
  • Heavy cleaning on engine degreasing, BBQ’s and road tar
  • Extra heavy cleaning on badly burnt ovens
  • An exceptional all purpose cleaner
  • Available in 5L/20L & 25L

Cosmic Nth Power MSDS

Nth Power V2 – LR

2010.07 Product guide


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20 Litre


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