COSMIC CRDB5 | Red Dirt Buster Purpose Cleaner | 5Litre

COSMIC CRDB5  Red Dirt Buster Purpose Cleaner  5Litre

  • Red dirt buster is a non corrosive, non acid product commonly used in removal of iron ore stain without attacking stable paint, rubber, plastic and glass.
  • This product is frequently used in the mining and construction industry.
  • Available in 5L & 20L.

Being safe is being noticed. Red Dirt Buster increases the visibility of the vehicle by removing ore stains that are etched deep into the paint, thus providing you with a safer and more visible vehicle.

Unlike acid based iron ore stain removers, red dirt Buster is a non acid and non corrosive product which means that the vehicles can be kept clean without fear of damaging metal, rubber, plastic and glass.

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