Vanilla Fresh 750ml Trigger SO SAFE CVFT

So Safe Vanilla Fresh

750ml Microbial Hospital Grade Odour Neutraliser and Surface Sanitiser

Vanilla fresh is a scientifically proven odour neutraliser and commercial grade surface sanitiser/disinfectant, which works on leaving a light vanilla scent that temporarily masks the smell while the exclusive So Safe Surface Active Residual Technology gore to work killing all smell producing bacteria at the source and residually preventing new bacteria growth for up to two weeks.

Ideal for hire cars, restaurants, bars, toilets, nursing homes, hospitals or anywhere else unpleasant odours may occur. Vanilla fresh will neutralise and freshen areas affected by tobacco smoke, vomit, urine, garbage and other offensive odours.

Available in 750ml trigger spray/ 1 litre/ 5 litre/ 25 litre


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Aged Care, Hospitality, Janitorial