Truroar TVW01 Sheets 32.5cm x 49cm SCRIM REINFORCED WIPER – OUT OF STOCK

  • TRUROAR TVW01 white scrim reinforced paper wipers quarterfold
  • TVW01 is a wipe created for light duty applications and general duty tasks.
  • Our scrim reinforced ensures quick absorption, great wet strength ensuring it will not fall apart when wet.
  • Available in white, ideal rag replacement
  • Suitable for absorbing fine oil, grease, glass cleaning and light spills
  • Generally used in light industrial, commercial and as an general cleaning wiper.
  • Handy dispenser box for efficient workplace use.
  • Alternative to Wypall 4201 ROAR wipers
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Additional information

Cloth Size

32.5cm x 49cm

Colour Code



Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining

Pallet Quantity

400 Wipes/Ctn