Scrim-Reinforced White Roll Wipes TRUROAR TVW97P – 49cm x 70m

  • TRUROAR TVB97P blue¬†scrim reinforced paper wipers.
  • Commonly known as “RAG ON A ROLL”
  • TVB97P is a wipe created for light duty applications and general duty tasks.
  • Our scrim reinforced ensures quick absorption, great wet strength ensuring it will not fall apart when wet.
  • Available in white and blue to eliminate cross contamination, ideal rag replacement, disposable bed sheet
  • Suitable for absorbing fine oil, grease, glass cleaning and light spills
  • Generally used in light industrial, commercial and as an general cleaning wiper.
  • Handy wall mounted roll dispenser allowing ease of use
  • A great value alternative to Wypall X50 ROAR 4197.

TRUROAR is a wipe created for light duty applications, as well as general purpose tasks. Our scrim rinforced wipe is quick to absorb and has great wet strength ensuring the wipe does not fall apart when wet.


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Additional information

Cloth Size

49CM X 70MTR

Colour Code



Automotive, Construction


3 Rolls

Quantity Per Carton

3 Rolls/Ctn


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Pallet Quantity

48 Ctns/Pallet

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