Scrim Reinforced Wipes

Wholesale Scrim Wipes In Australia

Scrim Reinforced wipes commonly known as “Rag On A Roll” or abbreviated to “ROAR”. Scrim reinforced wipes are known for there incredible strength made possible by the layers of tissue on scrim nylon webbing. ROAR products provide exceptional strength, absorbency and durability for heavy duty wiping applications. The scrim allows for a multipurpose functionality across many industry applications. Available in blue or white, sheets and perforated rolls for ease of use and to avoid wastage. Trugrade also offer stainless steel dispensers for ease of use in the workplace environment.

FAQ About Truroar Rolls

Unlike a lot of our competitor’s products which are continuous rolls our Truroar comes with perforations making it easier to control usage. The perforations allow Truroar rolls to be used without a wall dispenser, so they can be taken in a vehicle or wherever the cleaning task is.
Even though Truroar is made from paper it can be used for cleaning up both wet and dry areas. Truroar is scrim reinforced, ensuring it will not fall apart when wet, making it suitable for absorbing fine oil, grease, glass cleaning and light spills.