Body Wipes

Be more Hygienic with our Body Wipes

TRUGRADE offers a unique range of body wipes & cloths which are gentle and soft for use on the body. Disposable towels, flannels and Hygienic patient wipes. Highly absorbent cloth properties, hygienic and smooth to touch for the skin. Widely used in hospitals, aged care facilities, dentists, beauty salons and fitness centres.

FAQ About Body Wipes

The best body wipes in our range are by far the Xcelwipes TWL90 and TWL92, Specialty Truwipes TWM50 and TWM54.
The simple answer is yes. Trugrade has a large body wipe also known as a disposable towel. These towels can be found in the Xcelwipe range under TWL95 and TWL96.
Xcelwipes are the ideal replacement in aged care facilities for a laundered flannel. They are softer, more absorbent and cost-effective. Some studies have shown up to a 50% saving in laundering costs.
Xcelwipe TWL95 has been designed as a replacement for laundered bath towels. Unlike a cotton towel that can become hard and rough, Xcelwipes are super soft and extremely absorbent making them the ideal product for use in aged care facilities.

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