Solvent Wipes

Solvent Wipes & Cloths for Industrial Cleaning 

TRUGRADE’s lint free solvent wipes are solvent resistant and specifically designed to benefit the specialised automotive industry. Degreasing towels for panel cleaning when painting and heavy duty textured wipes attract oil, ink, chemicals, paints and solvents. Chemical and solvent resistant industrial wipes.

FAQ About Solvent Wipes

Solvent wipes are solvent resistant. This means they will not dissolve or fall apart when used with solvent use. Trugrade has a wide range of solvent resistant wipes and cloths, solvent wipes will absorb solvents, chemicals, inks, paints and oil.
The Truprep range contains 4 different products, The products range from paper-based through to polypropylene.
The most ideal products would be our Truprep TPP55B and TPP1000B.
Without a doubt use our TPP22B, this product is designed as a jumbo roll for wiping tools and dirty hands.
The Trugrade TPP68B and TPP57W are both HACCP certified for use in food handling, processing and manufacturing. Also check our range of TRULOLINT products.

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