Stain Removal Products

Wash Anything With Our All Purpose Stain Removal Products

TRUGRADE have formulated specific use cleaning chemicals to compliment the range of wipes and cloths. With NTH Power, a multipurpose stain removal products which can be used in various strengths to clean a wide range of surfaces. Red Dirt Buster, as the name suggests aids in the removal of red dirt stains from exterior surfaces.

FAQ About Stain Removal Products

Our Nth Power “All Purpose Cleaner” is the ideal stain remover for use on a driveway. As Nth Power is a concentrate it is best when mixed either 9:1ratio or for heavy stains 5:1 ratio.
Trugrade have a product called “Red Dirt Buster” specifically designed as a stain remover for mine site red dirt stains. “Red Dirt Buster” is a noncorrosive, no acid product and is ideal for the removal of iron ore stains without attacking stable paint, rubber, plastic and glass.

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