Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths & Wipes

Colour Coded Cleaning Colour coded cleaning system

TRUGRADE unique Colour Coded Cleaning Cloth system ensures against cross-contamination of surfaces. This system maximises efficiency in the workplace, where specific cleaning equipment is designated to a definite area of use. For example, Blue- General, Green-Kitchen, Red-Bathroom, Yellow-Infectious, White-Operating and Coffee-Barista. When using colour coded specific area wipes, it eliminates cross contamination within the workplace creating a safer environment for all.

FAQ About Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths

The colour-coded cleaning system was created to reduce the risk of cross-contamination when cleaning. It is the process of applying colours to cleaning cloths and cleaning equipment in areas of a venue, reducing the spread of germs across various areas and increasing hygiene standards throughout commercial or domestic environments.
The colour coded cleaning supplies system comprises of 5 colours, these are: • BLUE – General Cleaning • GREEN – Kitchen Areas • RED – Bathroom / Washroom • YELLOW – Infectious Areas • BROWN – Café (Coffee) & Barista • WHITE – Operating Theatres
Truwipe sheet products are available in several variants, these are - Standard Medium, Anti-Bacterial Medium, Super & Super HD.
The antibacterial inhibiter that is in these wipes is purely there to reduce the chance of bacteria, germs and or mould growing in the wipe itself. These wipes do not leave any treatment on the surface you are wiping except if you are using a suitable solution with them.
Different colours are designed to avoid cross contamination in hospitality, hospitals & aged care, food, and workplace areas. THE COLOUR CODES ARE: • BLUE – General cleaning • GREEN – Kitchen areas • RED – Washroom / Bathroom • YELLOW – Infectious areas • WHITE – Operating Theatres • BROWN – Café / Barista
The quick answer is YES! Trugrade rolls and sheets are all certified HACCP, this includes our TWM50 and TWS54 Sheet products.