Heavy Duty Engine and Kitchen Degreasing Products

Trugrade has a range of unique “Cosmic”, all purpose cleaners formulated in concentrate form allowing the product to be diluted to suit the users specific task. These products can be used in a variety of tasks including as an engine degreaser, heavy duty degreaser, kitchen degreaser. Nth Power is in fact one of the most versatile products on the market, making it a front runner in the best degreaser category.

FAQ About Degreaser

Nth Power is a concentrated all purpose cleaner that can be used for heavy cleaning as well as an engine degreaser. Simply follow the directions and dilute 5:1 (eg 5 Parts water to 1 part Nth Power). This formula is suggested for Engine degreasing – warm engine, barbecues when hot, stubborn oven stains as well as road tar from cars.
Nth Power is a highly concentrated alkaline liquid, all purpose cleaner. By following directions it can be used for many varied applications, included: • Very light cleaning 80:1 • Light cleaning 40:1 • Normal cleaning 20:1 • Medium cleaning 9:1 • Heavy cleaning 5:1 • Extra heavy cleaning 3:1

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