Wholesale Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Get the Best Microfibre Cleaning Cloths in Australia

Trugrade has a range of microfibre cloths unsurpassed by their strength. Our microfibre cleaning cloths hold 7 times their weight in fluid making them one of the best microfibre cloths available in Australia. Trugrade microfibre cloths are colour coded, reducing the risk of cross contamination.
These cost effective, high quality microfiber cloths are available throughout Australia.


FAQ About Lint Free Cloths

A lint free cloth is a wiper that does not leave fine and short fibres on a surface after wiping. They are suitable for cleaning tasks in pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray painting, food manufacturing and other industries it is important to have low or no lint.
You can wash you’re a microfiber (lint-free) cloth in the washing machine (wash them in a single load, not mixed with other fabrics) or by hand. Just remember to use no detergent, fabric softener or washing up liquid. Only water If you're using a washing machine, ensure it's on a cool-warm setting.
Paper towel is the number one culprit of leaving behind streaks and lint. Paper towels are typically treated for absorbency, which makes them ideal for spills, but awful for glass cleaning. Instead, substitute your paper towels for something more practical, like microfiber or low lint cloth.

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