Paper Towel

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Trugrade has a range of paper towel absorbency rolls suitable for hand use in food manufacturing facilities and maintenance workshops. If you are looking for a high grade paper towel you can buy paper towel roll from all Trugrade paper towel suppliers.

FAQ About Paper Towel Dispensers

If paper towel dispensers well known for and that is jamming. Here are 6 steps to troubleshoot next time this happens. 1. Open the paper-towel dispenser’s cover. … 2. Tear off the paper towels just above the rollers. … 3. Look for jams. … 4. Replace the roll of paper towels. … 5. Feed the paper towels through the rollers. … 6. Close the paper-towel dispenser’s cover.
A standard commercial paper towel dispenser, most are very similar and they have the same basic steps: 1. Use the key top open the top of the front cover and pull it down. 2. Ensure that you put the paper towel roll in with the paper going underneath the roll - not over the top. 2. If you put it in with the paper going over the top, it will likely cause the dispenser to jam. 3. Gently guide the paper between the rolls and press the level down once to pull it through. 4. Make sure the paper is coming out of the slot in the front cover and close the door. You're all set!