Wall & Floor Mounted Dispensers Supplier Australia

Trugrade have designed specific product dispensers to aid in the ease of dispensing wipes for some of our product range.The dispensers are made from durable materials suitable for wall & floor applications.

FAQ About Dispensers

With so many paper towel dispensers available to choose from what makes a good one and more importantly what factors do you have to consider when selecting the one that’s right for your washroom? Firstly, choose your preferred paper; this is where you are going to be spending the most money over the forthcoming years. Start by estimating the potential usage for your business. Whilst this can be difficult we would recommend as a rule of thumb: · Offices and work environments – staff will visit a washroom on average 2 – 4 times a day. Assume a couple of towels per hand dry, multiplied by the number of people on site and working days and this will provide a guide to the number of paper towels used in a week. · In leisure and care facilities where the washroom footfall is more fluid, ascertain usage by looking at the number of visitors each week. Weigh up the quality versus cost. Provide the luxury expected by your clients but don’t over specify unnecessarily. · Finally, consider the environmental benefits of recycled paper. By using a waste bin specifically for used paper towels you can also recycle them to complete the loop.

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