Alternative to cotton rags, all brand new material with incredible durability

Introducing Trugrade’s Exciting New Website

Hello World,

It has taken  a while, but we are excited that our new Trugrade website is finally live!! YES, its true – TRUGRADE is up and live. Our previous website was definitely old and outdated  –   Trugrade is now heading into the 21 century.  Woohoo!!

Trugrade’s new website features our brand new logos,vibrant coloured boxes and stylish identifiable new packaging!!  Colour coding your store room and shop fronts.  Most important – wipes that are colour coded for your work place. Check out the new videos demonstrating some of the benefits and uses of our new products – don’t be the last to reap the rewards for you and your customer.

Our new flyers and videos at your fingertips will make the representation of Trugrade products so easy.  Use our site to help you make sales  – to reinforce the benefits, quality and ease of use.  Trugrade products that really want to make you clean!! Stay tuned for some helpful product demonstration tips and tricks videos.

Register now for an account and you can place orders through the website.  Customer specific pricing for every account.  Don’t wait – call us now on 1300 854 775

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, so we would love to hear from you.